Various Species of Squirrels Found in the US

Based on the latest tally, there are at least 200 species of Richmond squirrels that are found in different parts of the globe. Different species of squirrels are thriving in various areas of the US. There are 5 types of species in the US; the gray, red, fox, flying and the ground squirrels. There are those that are dwelling in the tree and there are those that prefer to roam around the lands. Each species of squirrel also have a distinct feature that separates them from the rest.

Different Squirrels Found in the United States
The tree squirrels are known for their bushy tails while ground squirrels will have less-prominent bushy fur. The flying squirrels have a membrane that enables them to glide and transfer on different trees. Here’s a quick look on the various species of squirrels that you can encounter in the US.

Grey Squirrel
There are two types of grey squirrels that can be found in the US. They are the eastern and western gray Richmond squirrel. Easter Grey Squirrel will normally dwell in the northeastern section of the US. Nonetheless it also managed to invade the western part of the US and Europe. The Western Grey Squirrels can be found in three distinct locations in the west coast. They have different colors that may range from cream, brown, gray, black, and red.

Fox Squirrel
The species of the fox squirrel can be found in various corners of the US which include the east coast. This is the biggest specie of California squirrel that can reach up to 27 inches in terms of length. Compared to the grey squirrel, they will have two colors that are distinct. One of them has that dark fur that varies from gray to black and others have gold or tan on their underside. The squirrels that have darker shades will have a white nose, feet and ear. The red one will not have any white marking.

Red Squirrels
The population of the red squirrels is around half the size of the grey squirrels. The tree squirrels have gray-red fur during the cold season that will change into orange-red during the summer season and their white belly will be exposed. When the winter season comes, the red squirrel will have that bunch of fur that will be growing in their ear. Once an outsider invaded their territory, they will make chattering and whistling sound at these invaders. They have also been referred to as pine squirrels that live in the cold part of the northern section of the US.

Ground Squirrel
Most of the species of the ground squirrel will be located in the US. They will prefer to create burrows such as those that live in the southwestern part of the US. The white-tailed antelope is perhaps the smallest type of squirrel that weighs an average of 3.4oz. Due to their burrowing habits, some people consider them as nuisance since this can lead to different damages.

Finally, there are also two types of flying squirrels that are found in the US. They are the southern and the northern-flying squirrel. These are just some of the squirrels that you can find in the US.

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