Snake Extermination Tips

Finding a snake inside our Richmond property can somehow be upsetting. Although snakes are indeed beneficial in maintaining the balance in our ecosystem, almost all of us are still scared of them. This is only natural since a small bite from a poisonous snake can kill human. However, it seems that the mainstream media has blown the dangers of California snake out of proportion. Based on the study, the benefits of the snakes still outweigh the downside of having them.

Lethal and Non Lethal Method to Exterminate Snakes
There are various methods that you can use to successfully remove the snakes from your property. There are few that are ineffective and will not produce a substantial result. There are also others that will bring you a long-term result and will help you avoid future snake infestation.

Lethal Method
Once you encounter a snake you will be tempted to kill it. However, if you are not sure if it is a poisonous snake, there is absolutely no reason to kill the creature, In fact, most of the snakes will avoid human activities. They will prefer to flee and leave your vicinity rather than to attack you. Nevertheless, here are some lethal ways to eliminate the Richmond snakes in your property.

Snap traps- This is the most common lethal method when getting rid of the snakes. The efficacy of the snap trap will increase if the creature enter the trap with its head first. If not, the snake will only be caught and will not die that will make them more agitated and dangerous.

Glue traps- This is another cruel method since the snake will most probably die due to starvation. There is also a possibility that the snakes can escape the trap since their intelligence is above the average.

Non-Lethal Method
The snakes have been trying so hard to survive after their habitat has been seized by humans. It is downright cruel to mutilate them. In case you don’t want them anywhere near your property, there are methods on how you can deal with them humanely.

Traps- it is much easier to trap the snakes and relocate them to another place than to kill them. Trapping them is something that you can do personally especially if you have the necessary tools and supplies. A specialized snake trap can be a powerful weapon when the snake is inside your property. It is effective, durable and highly accessible.

Seeking the Help of the Professionals- A professional snake removal company can address your concern efficiently. They have the vital equipments that allow them to extract the snake from your property safely. They also have the knowledge to determine what type of snake has invaded your property.

Before you choose the lethal method, let us first remind you that most cases of snake bites originated from those instances when people attempted to kill them. This is due to their lack of knowledge and experience on dealing with the snake. Snakes are just like the other animals; they will defend themselves once they feel threatened.

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